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Dear Daniel, 


I wanted to pop you an email to say suuuuuuuch a huge thank you! That video is amazing!!! I knew it was going to be good but I wasn't expecting it to be that good! It's so professional! It was the hit of the conference you will be pleased to know and if there was an oscar for it, we would have won it! 


I can't thank you enough for your generosity of time, it is so much appreciated.  

Julie Hiddleston 

Executive Headteacher


William Morris Primary School        

Bretch Hill                                                       


OX16 0UZ                                            

(01295) 258 224                                        


Longford Park Primary  School

Longford Park Road 


OX15 4FU

(01295) 641 751

Aureus Primary School

Clover Fields

OX11 6GS

(01235) 754411

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